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Uncleanliness in cats – and what you can do about it

Uncleanliness in cats is an unpleasant thing. The cat urine smells very bad and is naturally unhygienic. Why does a cat suddenly pee everywhere and what can you do about it?

You just don’t feel well when the cat peeing everywhere in the apartment – this can put a lot of strain on the relationship between man and cat.

What triggers can occur if a cat suddenly or slowly becomes unclean? Here you will find the 5 most common reasons for the cat being unclean – and of course the appropriate measures you can take.

Subject Matter:

1. disease of the cat
2. marking unneutered tomcats in the flat
3. lack of litter box hygiene
4. too few litter boxes
5. wrong cat litter

1. disease of the cat

When your cat starts peeing everywhere, you should first rule out that there is a disease behind it. Castrated males are particularly susceptible to cystitis, kidney inflammation or urinary tract infections can also be the cause of impurities in cats.

These diseases cause a frequent urge to urinate, which is naturally stressful for your cat and drives her to pee in the apartment.

It would be helpful for your vet if you could bring him a urine sample right away. Getting a urine sample from a cat isn’t easy, but I have some tips for you:

How to get a urine sample from your cat

Put a large piece of plastic wrap over the cat litter in the litter box. With a little luck, your cat will pee on it and you can raise the urine with a disposable syringe and take it to the vet.

Take a flat trowel from your kitchen (an old one is best) and put it under your cat at the right moment – most cats are irritated, but pee before they take their pee. Instead of a trowel, you can also cover your litter box shovel with cling film. Again, the best way to take up and transport urine is with a syringe
For some cats, it also works to simply remove the complete letter from the litter box. They still pee in the usual place and you have your urine sample. But be careful, this method can, of course, challenge uncleanliness if your cat does not accept the empty litter box!

Your vet can (probably) provide you with a special cat litter that will not absorb and contaminate the cat urine. So you can suck it up with the syringe from the bottom of the litter box.

A urine sample should be taken to the vet within 3-4 hours. It does not have to be cooled, by the way.

2. marking unneutered tomcats in the flat

Males mark their territory to protect it from competitors or to attract a female willing to mate. Unfortunately, hangovers also do this in the apartment, because after all, this is their territory.

This behavior usually stops after castration of the male. It is important that you have your cat neutered early enough, otherwise, he will have become accustomed to the marking behavior and in the worst case, it will not improve at all.

Castration costs between 50 and 70 euros and can be carried out by any veterinarian.

3. lack of litter box hygiene

Have you been digging out the litter box lately? Most cats are very sensitive because they like it nice and clean in their toilets – you too, after all, right?

You have to clean every litter box at least once a day from feces and urine lumps – but more often! You should also regularly, about every 2 weeks (depending on the type of cat litter), replace the entire litter bedding and clean the litter box thoroughly with hot water. Please do not use perfumed cleaners, really hot water is actually sufficient.

Cats prefer to dig in clean cat litter!

– really take this to heart and you will have fewer problems with uncleanliness!

4. too few litter boxes

You should remember that rule of thumb:

You always need a litter box more than you have cats

But even if you’ve followed this rule so far – if your cat is unclean, it’s not a bad idea to get another litter box.

5. wrong cat litter

Have you changed your cat litter lately? For example from clay litter to ecological litter made of plant fibers? If so, then this is a blatant change for your chick – peeing in the apartment could be the result.


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