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Frequent barking at the dog – this is how you can get him out of it

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Frequent barking at the dog – so you can stop him 13 March 2016 Dogs 2 comments Dog frequent barking stop
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Frequent barking in dogs can be really annoying in the long run. But why do some dogs bark more than others? And how can the barking be trained off?
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Possible reasons if your dog barks often
This is how you train your dog to bark too often
More movement for your dog
live as an example of serenity
Ignoring the barking and not scolding
Teach your dog a command to stop barking
1. teach your dog to bark on command
2. teach your dog to be quiet
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Possible reasons if your dog barks often
So that the following tips can help you at all, you should first analyze, for what reason your dog could bark. Because only then you can take specific measures to train him off the barking.

Some dog breeds bark more than others – With dog breeds such as the pug or the shepherd dog, it is simply typical of the breed that they are more barking.
Barking out of boredom – Often dogs are simply not challenged enough and then bark to keep themselves busy somehow.
Lack of attention – If your dog doesn’t feel enough attention from you, it could also be that he wants to gain your attention by barking.
Fear – barking is often a sign of fear. Your dog wants to look dangerous to make him feel stronger. This behavior is particularly common on walks when you meet strange dogs. However, particularly anxious dogs can react with yelps in various unfamiliar situations.

Strong protective instinct – Your dog wants to protect you and your family, the barking should deter potential enemies. That these “enemies” are mostly harmless people who ring at the front door, your dog does not know of course…
This is how you train your dog to bark too often
The best tip from everyone right at the beginning:

More movement for your dog
When a dog is properly exhausted, it barks less than when it has excess energy.

If you regularly challenge your dog physically and mentally, he is more balanced. And balanced dogs bark less!
No matter which of the above triggers for frequent barking applies to your dog – more exercise will significantly improve the situation. Long walks, romping and fighting, throwing sticks or intelligence toys for dogs – offer your dog many possibilities to let off steam.

And once the batteries are empty, boredom is eliminated as a reason for yelping: Your dog will be happy to rest during a napless time to bark.

And also against insecurity and anxiety some kinds of dog employment help: Always choose new routes when walking, this makes your dog more relaxed in unfamiliar surroundings. Dog sports such as agility can also strengthen a dog’s self-confidence, especially when dealing with other dogs.

live as an example of serenity
Your dog is very attentive to how you behave. This is especially true in stressful situations, in which he often reacts with barking.

If you are visibly calm in such situations, it has a calming effect on your quadruped. He thinks to himself “master (or mistress) is very relaxed, so everything seems to be OK – there is no danger”.

In general, your behavior is very important if you want to stop your dog from yapping. Be confident and signal to your dog that everything is in perfect order. Besides the relaxed and serene appearance, you should not scold if your dog barks anyway. You must even ignore it!

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Ignoring the barking and not scolding
Your dog is not stupid, he will have long noticed that he can attract your attention by barking. He doesn’t care if you scold him. The main thing is you pay attention to him.

This is also the reason why you should urgently refrain from scolding yourself when your dog barks. Punish him with ignorance. When he’s quiet and well-behaved, give him your attention. Sun


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